Saturday, January 26, 2013

December 2012

December has come and gone. Now January is here and it almost over. Time flies when family and friends come visit! Here is a photo journey since I last updated you in December. (Please disregard any spelling errors you may find in any posts from here on out because the “i” “k” “8” and comma keys no longer work on my poor little computer :/ 

Pictures from the Organic Expo and Sorrel Festival hosted by Kevin's farmers group

A local youth telling a Jamaican story

All set up and ready to start n the Marketplace

Beeston Spring historical display

Live Music!

kids getting treated to ice cream and gift bags

Mini vacation with visiting friend Mike in Montego Bay
Makes you want to come visit too, right?

Christmas time in Jamaica

Kevin's jalapeno harvest

Beeston Spring 140 year old church that overlooks the Bluefields Bay

Christmas Eve hike with PCV Chelsea (right) to meet up with PCV Adri (left) in her community, Beeston Spring

Opening presents on Christmas morning sent from "foreign"

Deep fried everything! it was a delicious dinner thanks to PCV Tom's culinary skillz
Childrens' Treat Day hosted by my organization on Boxing Day (December 26th)
Chelsea helping out with the pinata (prize kite). this specific activity took all the adult help we could get... 

 New Years Eve
PCV Jedd getting crazy with his NYE party hats

Lighting Chinese lanterns to celebrate the new year 
Chinese lantern to getting ready to be soar over sea

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